Wales and the Steam Locomotive

gwilisteamThere are many reasons why the Welsh have decided to maintain and even expand the rail systems that are found throughout the country with the Great Little Trains of Wales tourist trains and even the larger full sized train routes still in existence.

While the smaller gauge track trains that operate as tourist spots are still using the technology of the heyday of steam engines the vast majority have embraced the newer technologies in order to be more efficient and less onerous on the environment.

While the introduction of the steam engine was revolutionary at the time it was invented and most people have heard of James Watt and maybe even James Newcomen, early pioneers of the steam engine many people do not realize the association that Wales has in the early days of the steam locomotive.

When the patents for his steam engine expired, Watts technology was used by other inventors to further expand on his original ideas and the steam engines were finally made small enough and powerful enough to be used as transportation assets. The first to do this successfully was Richard Trevithick.

Trevithicks steam engine locomotive was invented and built in Wales in approximately 1804 with the very first successful run being completed from the iron works in Pen-y-darren near the the Welsh town of Merthyr Tydfil all the way to the southern Wales town of Abercynon. This run established Trevithick as a serious contender and the area in Wales where he built his machine became the hub of railway invention for many years to come.

Historical foundation has led to the Welsh operating many small networks of railway such as the ones in the Great Little Trains of Wales network for many years and offers visitors to Wales the chance to see some serious history when it comes to the use of steam engine locomotives. When you have finished your travels for the day, head back to the hotel and pull up kaboo casino on your laptop and get set for even more excitement and fun!