The Castles of Wales

rhuddlan01In addition to having a huge network of railways that run on the much smaller 2 ft gauge track that offer the tourist an excellent adventure of discovery and run in various parts of the Welsh countryside, there are a huge amount of castles in Wales just waiting to be discovered by visitors.

In fact, Wales is said to have more castles than any other country on earth and when you think of the historical records of invasion and the proximity to the British coast it is no wonder. Many of the Great Little Trains of Wales tours are actually located in areas where there are castles that can be added to the itinerary of any tour quite easily.

The very first entry on the Great Little Trains of Wales review was the Teifi Valley link that travels through the beautiful Teifi Valley. While in that region a tourist could not go wrong visiting the majestic castle known as the Cardigan Castle. This iconic castle was on the front line in the battle against the Norman invaders and was fully rebuilt by the Welsh Lord known as Rhys ap Tewdwr in 1171.

Another iconic castle that lies in an area that the The Great Little Trains of Wales services is the Brecon Castle. This sprawling castle was originally built by the Norman conquerors who invaded the area and specifically by the Norman Lord Bernard de Neufmarche who defeated the Welsh inhabitants of that area in 1093 and soon after began construction on the castle as a way to protect him and his retinue from any uprisings by the beaten Welshmen.

This proved to be prophetic as the Welsh certainly did attack the castle and more than once!

Between 1215 and 1273 the castle was attacked no less than 6 times! All of these battles were a part of the 300 year long siege that the Welsh were subjected to by the Norman invaders that finally ended with the Glyndwr Revolt in the 1400’s when Wales rebelled en masses and changed their history forever.