Mini Railways in Wales

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJust about every country has their own method or attraction for bringing in tourism dollars and the lovely country of Wales is no exception. Boasting an absolutely wondrous countryside and many mountains and valleys to explore the Welsh have built a massive network of rail works in order for tourist to see all that the highlands of Wales has to offer.

These rail works are not your everyday trains however, instead of regular sized gauge tracks that would be much too large in the mountainous terrain of Wales the railways are all built using a much smaller gauge of track in order for the trains to be able to make the twists and turns that make up much of the landscape in the region.

There are a wide variety of different regions that you can visit on these small trains that are like miniature versions of the old steam engine trains that tamed the West in the U.S and many other parts of the world at the very beginning of the industrial revolution. Wales in particular has a very solid reputation as the heart of the engine that drove Great Britain during its expansion and conquests throughout the millennia.

Coal was the main export of Wales and the British took full advantage of having such a massive supply so close to home. The miniature railways of Wales are a truly spectacular sight to behold and a true throwback to the days of the coal mining and farming that the Welsh were famous for.

In the following pages a solid understanding of many of the mini railway trips that Wales offers will be on full display. After reading these pages there is no doubt that many readers will be looking to take their next vacation in Wales!