Castle of Wales: Part II

castellcaerphillyIn an earlier post there was an introduction made to the reader of a couple of the great castles found in Wales that are in areas that also offer the tourist or visitor the chance to ride one of the many Great Little Trains of Wales which are small railways that run on the much smaller than standard gauge track of 2 ft.

This smaller gauge allows the trains to travel in the tight mountainous regions that a normal gauge train track would not allow. Many of these “little” steam engine trains are found in regions that house some of the great castles of Wales.

Wales is commonly known as the “Land of Castles” with a surprisingly large number of castle that number well in excess of 400! Touched on earlier posts were the castles in the regions of Brecon and the region of Teifi valley both home to castles and the “little trains”. Another location that fits this double bill of attraction is the Bala Lake Region.

Bala Lake must have been a popular spot with both the Norman invaders as well as the earlier Romans both who had made stops in the region and built castles of forts to protect themselves from any uprising Welshmen.

Bala Lake alone has at least four Roman forts and an additional 4 Earthwork Castle on the north end that truly signify the importance of the region at that time period. While many of the remaining Welsh castles are now no more than earthen works or simply piles of medieval bricks there are many examples of full standing castles that simply defy description and have to be seen to be appreciated.

In this list is Harlech Castle, the majestic Caernarfon Castle and the simply incredible Conwy Castle located on the north coast of Wales. From the fortified gateways to the massive great hall this is one attraction in Wales that cannot be missed!